What is an "Effective Rate"



What Is An “Effective Rate”

You may have heard the term “Effective Rate” when discussing credit card processing.  You may believe that a processor mislead you when they promised a particular rate. The truth is, they would not promise you a particular effective rate because the overall cost is not controllable. There are too many variables including how the card was processed (phone, manual key, swiped or chipped) as well as the type of card used for the transaction.  The effective rate of a credit card processing statement is the total processing fees divided by the total transaction amounts. The best way to explain an effective rate is to show some examples:


Example #1, we’ll use the following from a competitor:


The total sales volume is highlighted in green, and the total fees paid has been highlighted in red.  By dividing the total fees into the total sales amount, you would arrive at 5.996%.  This is the “effective rate” for this particular example. 

Example #2 from a Chosen Payments Client Statement



In this summary view, we divide the amount of $107.47 into the Amounts Submitted of $5,837.02 to show an “effective rate” of 1.84%.

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What is the Flavor of Your Business?



What’s The Flavor of Your Business?


Have you ever noticed that not all tacos are created

equal?  Taco Bell is perhaps one of the most well-known

taco purveyors in the United States.  You can find one in

almost any city.  They are cheap.  They are convenient. 

They have drive-thru lanes. They make buying a taco

super convenient. That’s probably where the buck stops. 

I don’t think anyone ever phoned their mother or best friend to

describe how glorious a taco was that came from Taco Bell. 


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3 Reasons You Should Have a Mobile Ap



Have you considered creating a mobile app for your business?  A few years ago mobile apps were considered something that only large companies used.  They spent thousands of dollars developing app and hoping to connect with their clients through their mobile devices.  The cost of developing your own app is now as low as $250. 

Depending on your type of business, having a mobile app can increase sales as well as help you build loyalty with your client and provide ease of use in doing business with your company.  Here are three reasons you should consider creating a mobile app for your business:

#1 - Mobile Apps Increase Convenience and Loyalty

Having a mobile-friendly website is a good start if you simply want to provide information about your company to prospective clients.  An app that allow customers for update their account information, place new orders, look at past orders and obtain additional information about your company provides more convenience. 

A client who has downloaded your app and can quickly access your company builds loyalty since the information they seek is literally a finger tap away.  This discourages the client from going to a search engine and searching for similar companies and seeing what your competitors offer.  They are more likely to just use the vendor they know and trust and have ready access to.


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What Exactly is a Payment Gateway



You have probably heard the term, “Payment Gateway” many times.  As merchant, you know that you need one and that you have one.  Maybe you even know the name of your gateway such as Authorize.net or PayPro Flow. But, what exactly does the gateway do for you?


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