Summary of Release Notes
Version 20.2017.0117.3 (04/08/2017)
    • Moved TLC reporting from main grid to the reports section under Reports & Stats -> Bookings Revenue Analysis -> Booking License Summary
    • Added pricing zone match support where Postal Code is a higher value than City. this is enabled under Reservations tab in System Settings.
    • Added Invoiced Passenger (groups or multiple pass. In stops) report under Reports & Stats -> Revenue Analysis -> Invoice Passengers By Invoice Date
    • Added support for customer profile pricing zone defaults when importing via a group.
    • Fixed issue where some addresses did not select suggestion correctly and a different street number was set.
    • Added option to allow an operator to hide the yellow highlighting if TomTom geocoding is not successful.
    • Added group name as an optional column to dispatch grid for managing groups in the dispatch Grid.
    • Group import will now take first non-empty note and set that into reservation notes where previously added to passenger notes section.
    • Better support for large messages in ZipWhip integration.



    • Removed extended postal code from autocomplete to allow for better matching for zone pricing on reservation form.
    • Fixed an issue within a customer profile contact that required an email address. Email addresses are no longer required for a cust/corp contacts.
    • Fixed an issue where drivers/vehicles with upcoming expirations were not being alerted properly on the main dispatch footer. 
    • Fixed an issue with group import that did not parse date|time correctly if formatted using AM|PM.
    • When adding vehicle maintenance items, the date will now prompt and default to the date of the reservation (if known).
    • A new SMS option has been added to allow the provide to send SMS notification when a driver is scheduled.
    • Fixed issue where Show Company Name in SMS/Email option was not being shown.
    •  Fixed display issue with autocomplete that cutoff suggestions when suggestions were to wide.
    • Added support for GNET/Gridd Apps when Affiliate Driver assigned in Advance in “Pay Affiliates, Hostesses and Guides” option within a reservation.