• A Modern Suite of Limousine Software Apps

    FASTTRAK Limo Software has been the trusted name in ground travel applications for over two decades with affordable limo booking software and mobile web applications supporting your success. Whether a small business taking a few orders or several hundred jobs per day, our cloud service is the right choice.
    A Modern Suite of Limousine Software Apps
  • Customer & Driver Mobile Apps

    Our Integrated customer booking and driver apps communicate seamlessly with one another providing a "where's my car and who's my driver" real-time experience while also keeping your cloud back-office system up-to-date on each orders progress.
    Customer & Driver Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Scalability

    Mobile Scalability

    Standing apart from our competition, we serve operations from small mid-sized to well over 200 vehicle fleets using Windows (database in the cloud), Browser based applications and Mobile apps for cloud access to your private database storage.
  • Easy Customer Booking

    Whether in the office or on-the-go and a new potential customer browsing your site, a registered customer with a login or corporate booking contacts that can manage multiple corporate travelers with one login, we keep them connected to their account data, and help them manage their bookings and complete customer account management.
    Easy Customer Booking
  • GNET Platform

    GNET is a B2B open market platform for ground transportation companies to send and receive reservations to each other, with electronic booking, status updates, GPS Location and members are visible to supply side Travel Portals.  Put your companies technology on par with the competitive TNC's in your Market.
    GNET Platform
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  • Cloud Platform
  • Software Applications
  • Global Networks
  • Mobile Applications


We utilize the latest cloud technology to provide the best in-office and mobile computing experiences allowing you to spend your time where it matters most; your clients, passengers, affiliates and not computer networks


Windows & browser-based products feature a rich user interface in-office and mobile access on the go.


We selected Microsoft's Azure cloud global server network to provide private and redundant data storage.


Encrypted access and 256 bit military grade encryption of data stored on triple redundant cloud servers.


Daily user backups, user backup snapshots on 15 minute increments and nightly off-site backups.

Delivering Quality Software for 17 Years

FASTTRAK is a leading supplier of booking, dispatch & billing applications for the scheduled ground travel space providing a powerful foundation for growth.


Ultimate: An enterprise class Windows cloud application featuring a broad array of popular and essential features.


Express: A lighter mobile web application for small & mid-sized companies that provides out of office mobility.


Website tools for registered site users, price quotations, and bookings for browsing site visitors.


Hosted service applications allowing integrated & authenticated remote bookings from various sources.

Corporate, Affiliate and Mobile Order Distribution

A perfect blend of our cloud services, integrated corporate systems and 3rd party distributed system applications providing a bi-directional conduit for remote orders to provide an avenue for growth and global networking.


Our Cloud affiliate-to-affiliate order distribution with bi-directional updates of job progress.


Affiliate-Connect™, by Deem provides bi-directional bookings between subscribers irrespective of platform.


Deem and Groundspan provide 3rd Party integrated bi-directional GDS corporate bookings to subscribers.


An integrated network of software providers that provides connectivity and car visibility for customers & driver apps.

Client, Passenger, Driver and Staff Mobile Applications

A combination of our included client & driver web-applications and add-on passenger & driver mobile apps providing mobility, access and service to your clients.


Select our included driver web application with status updates or the 3rd party add-on driver mobile apps.


Select our included client web application with account management or the 3rd party add-on client mobile apps.


Our browser-based mobile web application designed for staff mobility and access when out of their office.


Our web application providing integrated customer and new client bookings through widgets installed on your site.

Our FT Cloud Portfolio of Products

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  • Cutting Edge Cloud System

    Designed for maximum flexibility FASTTRAK's Cloud Technology uses a combination of Web Applications, Custom Mobile Apps, and Windows Applications, all using and interacting with the same Cloud data storage.
  • Mobile Driver Apps

    Our mobile apps allow your clients know exactly who is arriving at their door to transport them to their destination.
  • Customer App

    One of the features of our mobile apps is the comfort a passenger gets from knowing exactly where their vehicle and driver location.
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Credit and Debit Card Skimming Continues to Grow



We continue to warn about credit card skimmers because it has become big business. As a merchant, you have an obligation to protect credit card data entrusted to you. This includes protecting and monitoring your credit card equipment and online processing. The latest trend is for thieves to install micro cameras allowing the thief to easily see the PIN code being entered into a keypad.

 With this in mind, we will focus on sharing tips on what you should be looking for as a merchant as well as being a consumer that likely uses ATM's and other electronic payment points. It really only takes a quick inspection to look for things that might be amiss and cause you to become a victim of identity and credit card theft. Skimming works by retrofitting card readers such as an ATM or gas pump card reader with a camouflaged counterfeit card reader. The counterfeit reader records all of the information from the magnetic stripe on the back of your card. The thief can then duplicate your card onto a new blank credit card or simply capture all the data needed to sell on the black market.

You may wonder where a person might get such sophisticated equipment to do this. The truth is, skimming gear is readily available online at a cost of about $400. In most cases, the companies selling card readers are legitimate businesses that sell the readers to companies for use with point of sale systems. However, the sale of such equipment is completely unregulated. Since there are no regulations, skimmers can also buy them. A typical bundled package includes a card reader and a card writer.

A thief will usually buy a card skimmer that matches the type of device type he plans to attack. As an example, he might by a gas pump style reader and then connect it to the circuitry of the real card reader in a gas pump. The card skimmer has a magnetic stripe reader and local flash memory that stores the card data. Newer advanced skimmers are equipped with 3G radios that transmit skimmed data back to the thief in real-time over a cellular network. This eliminates the need for the thief to ever come back to collect the skimmer and data. It also reduces the chance that law enforcement will catch the thief by setting up a stake out and waiting for the thief to return.

A thief can also use a micro camera or a keypad overlay to capture data. This allows him to capture data the victim enters as well as the numbers on a card or debit card. The micro camera is placed somewhere nearby that has a good view of the keypad on the pump. The camera records the card image and makes a video of each key pressed. Cameras can be camouflaged on the machine itself or mounted nearby. If you see a brochure holder on the pump, check it out. This is a favorite spot for concealing cameras.

A keypad overlay accomplishes the same goal by resting over the top of the real keypad. Overlays are extremely thin and look and feel just like the actual keys of an ATM of gas pump reader. They are also capable of storing each key pressed, along with a timestamp on a memory chip. When you press the fake keypad it depresses the real keys below the overlay so everything looks and feels normal. Inspect the keys carefully for overlays.

Another common type of skimmer is called a handheld micro skimmer. These are used only for credit cards. These self-contained skimmers are about the size of a pack of gum or smaller and can be used by anyone you hand your credit card to for payment such as a bartender or waiter at a restaurant. Ideally, you never want your credit card to leave your sight. With a handheld skimmer, a rogue employee can capture up to about 2500 swipes on a single battery charge.

 In yet the most innovative and brazen method of skimming we have seen is the credit card cleaner scam. This tiny device is innocent looking. The thief sticks this type of skimmer horizontally next to a real card reader with a label that says something like “Free Card Cleaner. Restore your card's magnetic stripe here.” You would be surprised how many people actually fall for this. Trust us.....your magnetic stripe doesn't need cleaning.

 Once a thief has your data, your nightmares will begin. They could start using it online or, what happens more frequently is the thief makes a duplicate card using the stolen information. This is done using the last piece of equipment the thief needs called an MSR (magnetic stripe reader-writer). The MSR allows anyone to make their own cards. It writes the stolen data onto the magnetic stripe of a new blank card.

 Chosen Payments recommends that you inspect your equipment regularly and keep track of your personal credit and debit cards when using them for purchases.

What People Are Saying About FT Cloud

The robust architecture for reservation, dispatch, accounting, mobile functionality and diverse array of features allow you to concentrate your time where it matters most; on your Clients, not your software. 
  • Thanks to you and your team for continually moving this cloud software forward. A heartfelt thank you from me for always working on improvements and better processes. Gary SimmsGM of Presidential Worldwide, CO
  • These people understood the limousine business, and more important, the business side of the limousine business. Keep up the fantastic work and thank you. Gregg FoxCEO of Corporate Sedan Svc, PA
  • A FASTTRAK Client since 2012 and it accomplishes everything we need. The communication between support and the end users is quick & easy Rafiq RajaOwner - AM PM Limo & Party Bus, Calgary
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Our Products

An overview of the product offerings from FASTTRAK Technologies, available Free Trial-Demo (no credit needed) or purchase from this site.



Try both Interfaces during your Trial Demo

Free Setup 

A feature rich Windows interface for connecting your office staff, clients and drivers to your business information with mobility via the Windows Surface Pro3 & 4 tablet or use the Cloud Starter on any browser accessing the same data.



Small & Mid-Sized Operators

$ 275 Setup 

An ideal solution for the growing company needing enhanced Enterprise level features add-ons usually only found in enterprise back-office software products allowing you to grow your business to that level.


Mid-Large Enterprise  Solution  

$ 275 Setup 

A full featured Windows application, providing mobility using Surface Pro3 & 4 tablets and our Web Express for full mobility using all smart phones, tablets, computers including both IOS and Android devices.  Enterprise add-on options make this product the one with which to grow your company.


Ask us if your current Hosted or Remote Desktop Application qualifies for our Instant Move-Over Promotional Discount when considering our Cloud Platform!