FASTTRAK Technologies is a leading Industry supplier of scheduling, dispatch & billing software services to the scheduled Ground Transportation, Hotel/Resort and Casino Markets. Built on the Microsoft® SQL Azure Cloud Services platform, we serve thousands of users throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and Australia. We deliver a complete cloud based & Windows in-office cloud booking management solution including on-line travel management tools, products that promote mobility through hosted apps and mobile apps for drivers, staff and customers!

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to deliver Cloud-Based Ground Travel Management Services and Applications that are affordable and responsive to the needs of our Clients, their Employees, Affiliates & Passengers!


FASTTRAK  has been inspired by valuable input from our clients since our founding 22 years ago. From inception, our goal was to provide the most value for the money to small, mid-sized and enterprise operations.  With the help of our clients, our partners and staff, we have continued that founding principal with the launch of our Cloud platform in 2009.  We are grateful for your continued trust and thankful for your continued loyalty.

- Greetings from Our CEO, Eddie McCoy Cpa -

Why choose FASTTRAK 

If you are an entrepreneur that starts every workday with the idea of taking risks to grow your company, then you need a software solution that can minimize those risks for you, your staff, drivers and customers.  Using our Mobile web applications means all of these areas can stay in touch with real-time up-to-date information on the progress of your work day minimizing the risk of service failures.