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We deliver BOTH Web and Windows on our FASTTRAK Platform. Our InVision ONLINE product is supported via various browsers on computers, tablets & phones. Our Ultimate Desktop application interface is a download .EXE file that connects the user to their cloud hosted "Private" not shared Database. All products regardless of interface connect to the same database in our platform cloud infrastructure.

We offer live support Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 9:00 pm Central Time.  Email support is provided 24/7 by emailing our Support Team

We offer the following services for a fee:

  • Additional virtual training services.
  • On-site training - Minimum 3 days
  • Website creation & Hosting

We have historically been one of the most affordably priced software for scheduled ground and our Cloud platform continues that trend. Starting at our Express Lite, Express Plus and our Enterprise back-office, Windows Ultimate, system all with more value for the dollar that other industry software. See the charts above

We have a 30-Day Cancellation Policy. Cancellations within the 30 days will be refunded in full. Thereafter, only unused services will be refunded as we expend the funds for such product, data or services.

Major Credit Cards (automatic - reoccuring), PayPal applied manually by our clients in their accounts. No Checks are accepted as payment.

Product delivery is digital. We script all back-end services and provide downloads, where necessary of all software and credentials to initiate the system after purchase. Normally, within 2 hours of purchase.

Technical support is 24/7 email to email support tickets with either email, with directions, images, or videos to enhance the user experience. If the email exchange(s) are not clearly working, a call-back to the telephone on file will be made by support staff. Premium email support ticket with a Call-Back

On-Site Fee Based Training (minimum 3 days), virtual login assistance, 3rd party programming and web-site assistance. We also offer an Open API for bi-directional communication to suppliers that you may select. Services already directly integrated are: credit card processing, flight tracking, GDS suppliers like Deem Saturn and GroundSpan, LimoLink, Carey

Our complete partner page is located at Partners

Currently English is the only language. Translation to other languages is in the works.

We are always seeking qualified individuals that would like to grow with us from programming, design and management.

Common FAQ's

General Account Questions

Since you are shopping for a new platform for your business, there are probably a few questions that you may want answers to before getting a live trial or talking with us. Well below is a sampling of questions that i would ask before starting a conversation with FASTTRAK staff.

There are no annual or multi-year terms or required subscription periods.  At FASTTRAK we believe that, after you have experienced our free 30 day trial and subscribed to our service you may for any reason cancel the service with 30 days’ notice to allow time for exporting your data to you and for us to create a final billing for the previous month's service.

FASTTRAK Technologies was founded in 1998, so we have served the Scheduled Ground Transportation Market just short of 25 years.

Our price plans start at $85 per month and gradually increase based on the amount of the platform services you consume and measured monthly by the number of orders for service you enter into the platform plus any third party add-ons that your operation may require.  i.e. commonly referred to as a pay-for-what-you-use services.  Orders for your service are configured into blocks of 250 orders in a single plan and range up to enterprise operation levels per month.  the average month operation would fall in the $105 to $275 per month for between 300 to 1100 orders.

 Our support staff provides our operators with, email, telephone call-back, product documentation library, videos, webinars, onscreen tutorials walk throughs, virtual screen sharing to support your training and ongoing operations support needs. 

For trial accounts: Your client, driver, customer, and driver data will be permanently deleted at the end of the trial unless you subscribe, in which case you would create a billing account on our site.

For cancellations:  After your information has been exported, your database will be permanently deleted so there is no way to re-instate service after cancellation.  The only exception to that is in the event of catastrophic events like the recent pandemic, we hold your database with your permission to aid you in getting back in business. We bear the cost to store and provide you notice of deletion to ensure your availability to it if needed for reporting or external audits. Billing accounts are deleted when the database is deleted from our platform.

The FASTTRAK Platform leverages the Microsoft AZURE global network of cloud servers.  We create individual "private" databases that are never "never shared" with other operators.  We think this is a major market advantage because it allows us to place those databases closer to your geography and reduce latency.  In addition, by dispersing our platform over Microsoft's vast network, there is less likelihood of intrusion, and it promotes substantially better platform up-time performance.  Microsoft Guarantees its customers better than 99.9% accessibility.