FASTTRAK's InVision Scheduling Software

FASTTRAK Technologies introduced its latest dispatching software product “InVision” to the Livery Industry during the 4th Quarter of 2021 and officially launched it at the CD/NLA show in Las Vegas in March of 2022.

InVision is a FASTTRAK OnLine version of our popular FASTTRAK Ultimate Windows Desktop dispatch software application.

Simplicity is the focus of our FASTTRAK InVision dispatching software

InVision is a full featured intuitive, flexible, and customizable web application.  Another Strong point of the application is stressing ease-of-use and providing business analytics to owners and managers.

Because one of the main features of this dispatching software is that you have access to all data, the intuitive and easy-to-use interface allows you to track and monitor everyday activity. Both mobile and desktop versions are easy to use. With updatable infographics and tables, you can monitor changes and implement new workflows for staff. People who work in this industry for years say that dispatching is a very complicated task. We break down this misconception with our app for dispatching drivers, giving users much more than they could expect.

Internally Tested Scheduling software application

Our developers made every effort to test and find weaknesses in our applications.  When you know that there are no bugs or deficiencies in an application, it’s much easier to work and perform your duties. With our fast downloads and exports, you can perform your operations much faster. You don’t need to think about how fast you will communicate with your workers using our app for scheduling and dispatching drivers.

Because our technical support technicians also do their due diligence before any application is launched, quality is enhanced. You can be assured that the system performs as it should. Moreover, we make it user-friendly, so the newcomers won’t face troubles while working. If you are looking for a dispatching software application that will help you to run your business you found it.  You came to the right place, So contact us, and our experts will provide you with all needed information.