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Windows Cloud Application From FASTTRAK

FASTTRAK Ultimate is a Windows Cloud software product that uses an application on your windows desktop or surface pro computer or tablet to run locally but get its data from your cloud database.  This product has helped FASTTRAK Technologies stay a leader in this industry over the last two decades.

More Functions and Features of the Windows Application




Ultimate is rich in functionality and has an extensive reporting, dispatch grid (s) along with a free Charter Bus module for your expanding organization.

The application manages group and event travel by importing excel worksheets into a manageable assignment queue for assignment.  Matching the event passengers with the right type of vehicle at the right tine us expected by destination managers.

Another key feature is our GEO pricing for the app.  With this internal pricing plan, you can arrange time and distanced based price structures for your customers.


Windows Cloud Application - Ease of Use

The biggest advantage of this windows online software is that it’s user-friendly, which allows you to analyze the information quickly and effectively. We go much further than our competitors, using previous limousine operations experience to make apps better for the clients. We optimize both desktop and mobile versions, so you won’t miss any valuable information or data.