limo Dispatch Dashboard

FASTTRAK's Limo Dispatch Dashboard - Driver Activity Insight

The FASTTRAK Dispatch Dashboard is used by dispatch to view the location of active jobs.  It helps generate efficiencies in dispatching jobs to the closest or most logical vehicle vs what may be scheduled. A dispatch dashboard will also show On Duty drivers without a job for the same reason.

Control the Activity with Limo Dispatch Software

The visual dispatch board can also be particularly helpful when handling shuttles or large groups with shuttle rounds from an airport to the resort destination. It’s much better when you can monitor your vehicle’s status and see it clearly on the map which route is being taken.

Have a Full Perspective with Limousine Dispatching Software

The dashboard also keeps track of speed and route and retains it for your operation to evaluate driver performance. For example, the dispatcher can choose a driver category, and drivers from that category will appear on the map. Each category has its own identity icon, so it will be easier to distinguish them on the map with livery dispatch software.