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Eddie A McCoy CPA, Founder/CEO

Biography: He worked for Ernst & Ernst CPA's in Louisville Ky in the late 60s for three years where he earned is CPA certificate before moving to work for Humana, as a Budget Director and later both an Administrator of a Humana owned hospital. From there he moved to Liberty Care as CEO and later to CyCare as its Director of Acquisitions and later CFO. In 1989 he acquired Scottsdale Limousines and grew it until in 1999 he sold it to a local competing provider due to his interest in developing affordable software for the Industry. That has been his vision and passion for the past 25 years.

Lisa Marie McCoy, VP Administrative Services

Biography: Prior to moving to Arizona in 1985, she worked in the healthcare industry in Idaho. She secured the position of Manager with Jenny Craig in its Scottsdale Center. She later found passion in real estate and CEO of her own limousine company in Scottsdale. After the Scottsdale sale which included her company, she was instrumental in getting FASTTRAK launched. Today, she assists with many of the day to day administrative duties and fulfills her passion of helping children acting as a CASA in Arizona and in Florida.

Adam T Morrison, Chief Technology Officer

Biography: After consulting in various industries during most of 2000-2008, he graduated from Florida Atlantic University Magna Cum Laude in 2008. He later worked as a consultant to the following organizations: Dominion Power in 2008; Merial Pharmaceutical and Emory Healthcare as a solutions architect. He joined Neiman Practice Management as the Director of Software Development in 2012. He joined FASTTRAK Technologies in 2017 as CTO and has developed and architected our platform to help us be a top contender in providing software applications to the Limo/Livery, Charter Bus and Ambulatory Medial Transport Industries.

Brian J Hood, Director Support & Training

Biography: He started at America West Airlines as Ground Operations Mgr in Phoenix and later joined Scottsdale Limousines as a professional chauffeur and later lead dispatcher at Carey Phoenix and manager of a livery service in Las Vegas as Operations Manager. After agreeing to travel to Kazakstan as a consultant to assist in training a FASTTRAK client there, he returned to join the staff full time, first as a support technician and later Director of Support & Training. He has trained and provided support to thousands of our customer's management and staff over the past 23 years.