My Limo Software Free Trial Contents

In this area,  you can request a live working 30-Day Trial that is in a private database created just for your organization.  You may request an extension of time for your complete evaluation of our platform.

The information being collected here is for the purpose of creating a private database account with us containing your name, company name, email, phone, and location for creating the time zone where you operate. This information will be used  during your trial period for assisting you and will be deleted if you do not subscribe to our platform. If subscribed, all data entered in your system account will remain for your operational use, during onboarding and thereafter.

Your trial will have some sample data included for guidance only. e.g. customers, drivers, vehicles, vehicle types. Any unwanted data can be deleted or edited, if not specific to your needs.

Trial requests submitted during business hours are created within 1-2 hours of receipt.